Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is my world.

Feels good to be writing again... When I was little I read so many books and wonder how a writer can use words in such a clever manner. The sweet words fit so perfectly on a paper swiftly telling a story, with actions adventure, romance and suspense. The way these books are able to capture your attention and make the words feel so real, like you're there. Right there with the characters, fighting off evil.
So then I wrote. I wrote about anything and everything. I became lost in my own words and dreams. My escape. My stories allowed me to leave this world and enter another dimension. To become free and at peace. Whenever I had a problem I would just write.
I always had dreams of being a famous writer. Helping others enter my realm and become free too. Many people underestimate books because they don't understand the real concept. They are so simple-minded to what's infront of them. These things I write about are my real feelings- they are my life and my struggles. My dreams. This is my world and I cannot breathe without them. Your words are all you can hold on to when the world has done you wrong..... This is all I have.

Put it in a box and wrap it up. I am free here. Let me live. And all the other dreamers live on, I'm right here next to you. Fighting for change, struggling for a connection, for peace. For love.

I always read about my sign. I am
Kind of an astrology fanatic when it comes to those things. But what I still haven't come to terms with why us capricorns are so depressed all the time. I am constantly battling fatigue, worrying, anger and confusion. I take everything as a personal blow and have little trust in anyone. Most times I don't even trust myself. I ridicule myself a lot and judge everything I do to the T. And the truth is I don't know why. A part of me hates myself no for apparent reason, and I become to angry I begin to hate everyone else for being content. There are personal issues that add fuel to this, but at the end it all falls back to the one adjacent thing- ME. Wish I can get over this and not be so hard on myself...

Hopeful, MB.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Farewell August. Almost.

Every time I sign into my blog I feel like so much has been going on in my life. School is starting in ONE week and I just started my new job. Drama with relationships and love never change, but what do you expect? IM EXCITED AND SCARED AND ANGRY AND SAD AND SMITTEN!!!!! I'm anxious to see what these few months will bring.

Fate has finally dealt me a great hand..

Xoxo MB

Monday, May 28, 2012

Love will always win.

Sunday, November 20, 2011